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Pond Odour Removal - ENSOL 1000

for fast results in eradicating strong odour problems ...

Is the wife stressed out when you have visitors! Do you have a smelly effluent pond that needs an immediate fix to the odour problem?

We now can help. While we recommend the long term management of your effluent pond using IMPACT, many ponds need a more immediate treatment to get them back within a normal control environment.

ENSOL 1000s' proprietary blend of ingredients stimulates the naturally occurring bacteria that digest waste and oxygenates the environment in order to keep feeding those micro-organisms.

The result is the prevention of hydrogen sulphide and its malodourous by products, hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S).

Wastewater typically contains high levels of sulphate ions and low levels of oxygen. Without a source of oxygen, anerobic bacteria feed on these sulphate ions and dominate. The process results in the formation of dissolved hydrogen sulphide that remains in the liquid and dissolves sulphides, and hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S).


In order to eliminate hydrogen sulfide, the sulfide ion must be destroyed. The most successful solution is to:

  • Lower the levels of sulphate that feed the anaerobic bacteria
  • Provide an oxident source to the facultative and anerobic bacteria.
  • Provide a carbon source to stimulate the rapid growth of bacteria

ENSOL 1000 is the only product that effectively delivers a comprehensive solution to the problems associated with hydrogen sulphide in wastewater – without the limitations in performance, cost or safety typical of other options.



  • Mix thoroughly with water...... Shake well......Takes time
  • Spray over the total surface area with high pressure spray equipment.
  • Make sure total surface area is covered.
  • Mixing rate: 1L per 100L water
  • Cost: $21 per litre plus GST and freight


To learn more, download the ENSOL 1000 brochure or contact us now and get rid of that odour problem coming from your effluent pond, reducing that smell in no time at all!

A smelly pond with  dirty water that needs urgent treatment

Smelly Effluent Pond & Dirty Water

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High pressure spraying over the whole area.

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