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Let us set up your effluent pond management

Dairy farm effluent management life cycle.Use our expertise and knowledge to take the pressure off yourself and let us design an efficient low cost effluent management plan for your farm.

As well as designing a plan we also offer on-going monitoring and continued support because you know that annual effluent maintenance is a very important part of the farm lifecycle.


Good management begins with:


1. Regular cleaning of the stone traps, as often as every 2/3 days if required


2. Checking for excessive build up of solids


3. Checking for pipe blockages regularly


4. Controlling weed growth in and around ponds by spraying with a herbicide

Dairy Pond Services

Pond Pumping

Pond pumping on a regular basis for dairy farmers.Yearly pump out of solids and nutrients while thoroughly stirring the pond. De-sludge your ANAEROBIC pond on a regular basis by pumping out regularly direct onto your pastures ... read more

Pond Stirring

Pond stirrers.Mixing the nutrients from the bottom of the pond with our purpose built Pondbuster stirrer ... read more


Irrigators & Spreaders

Our travelling pond irrigator in action.Our travelling irrigator can move 90,000 litres an hour on to your pastures up to 1.2 kilometres from the pond. ... read more

Controlling Vegetation Growth

Spraying to control pond vegetation.We spray the vegetation on top of the pond with roundup. You can have this service as part of your personalised management plan too.

Nutrient Levels Testing

Soil nutrient testing.Samples are collected when we are irrigating the paddocks and sent to Hill Labs for nutrient testing. The data returned can help you drastically reduce your fertilizer bill. ... more

Pond Smell Reduction

Biological pond activators to reduce smell.We can also add a biological activator with a strong odour bug regularly throughout the season to reduce the smell ... view treatments



Free QuoteUsing dairy effluent as a fertiliser

The benefits of utilizing your dairy pond effluent as a fertilizer are not just economic, but also benefit your farm productivity and animal welfare. Read more about dairy effluent fertilizer here.


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Contact Effluent Pond Systems for a total package system where we stir and empty your ponds back onto your pastures in the correct measurements after doing all the testing and then the spreading for you.