Environmentally friendly, cost effective solutions for your dairy farm

New muck spreader
New Muck Spreader

Dairy farm effluent ponds

need good systems to add value to farm, herd & the bottom line

- Let us manage your Dairy Effluent - from the shed to the paddock

Dairy Effluent Pond Pumping Ltd offers a Full Dairy Pond Effluent Management Service designed to Save the Dairy Farmer Time & Money !!

Farm dairy effluent is a valuable fertiliser and if spread onto pasture correctly will increase pasture production and reduce solid fertiliser requirements. Other benefits include improvement in soil organic matter levels, soil structure and soil water holding capacity.

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Putting this into practice in 3 EASY steps

Stir, Treat, Profit!
  • Stir your pond on a regular basis. Contract us to do it for you or ... see our stirring products
  • Add a biological pond treatment to combat your wash down cleaners, mastitis
    and penicillins that kill natural bacterias ... view treatments
  • De sludge your ANAEROBIC pond on a regular basis by pumping out regularly direct on to your pastures using our irrigators and new muck spreader... check out our dairy pond cleaning services
Regular Pond Stirring.
Biological Pond Treatment Systems.
Pumping out and returning effluent to farm.
Stirring: On a regular cycle Treatment: Effluent treatment systems Pump out: On a yearly cycle
Travelling irrigators to spread effluent nutrients. Spraying ponds to remove the smells. Returning profit to your pastures.
Irrigating: Travelling effluent irrigators Treatment: Smell Removal Fertilize: Improved pastures

To maintain/improve animal health, pasture growth and decrease your fertiliser accounts!... read more

Effluent can be utilised safely and effectively if it is a applied in accordance with environmental, pasture growth and soil fertility requirements.

By taking care over selecting and implementing these systems, you have a lot better chance of spreading the effluent back onto your farm in a consistent manner. Effluent Pond Systems can help you set the right system up so contact us now.


What do you do now?

Contact Effluent Pond Systems for a total package system where we stir and empty your ponds back onto your pastures in the correct measurements after doing all the testing and then the spreading for you.